Glitter Gravy – A Sparkly addition to Christmas Dinner 2021!!

We suggest this for your children’s meal but adults love glitter too. Why not add it to the full Christmas dinner and make everyone’s meal sparkle. Don’t stop with gravy, you can add it to your brandy sauce too!!

Glitter Gravy Easter

What is Glitter Gravy?

Our special Glitter Gravy tubes are made from 100% edible, 100% safe ingredients. They do not change the taste or texture of your gravy.

Is glitter Gravy Safe?

Yes, absolutely! Edible glitter has been used in the Catering industry for many many years, especially in the cake decorating sector. Our special Glitter Gravy tubes (which you add to your normal gravy) is tasteless, does not change the flavour or texture of the gravy, it just makes it Sparkle!

Why Glitter Gravy?

Christmas dinner is one of the most important meals enjoyed in the UK every year. Make this year extra special by serving your children Glitter Gravy! Your choice of 3 colours Gold, Silver or Pearl.

How do I Make Glitter Gravy?

Making Glitter Gravy is so easy! Make up your gravy either from granules, we recommend Bisto Gravy the Nations favourite gravy, or homemade as normal.

Pour in the desired amount of our Magic Glitter Gravy dust and stir. Your gravy will sparkle for as long as its on your plate.

Can you add the Glitter Gravy mix to other products?

Yes, our Glitter Gravy mix can be added to custard to make ‘glitter custard’, added to brandy sauce to make Glitter Brandy sauce or can be sprinkled on ice-cream, yummy!

How do I buy Glitter Gravy?

Our Glitter Gravy tubes come in 5ml and should be sufficient to make 1ltr of Glitter Gravy. It comes in 3 sparkly colours Gold, Silver and Pearl. Click the Buy Now button below to buy your Glitter Gravy today!

What if my pet eats some of the Glitter Gravy?

Although we do not recommend feeding Glitter Gravy to pets, it will do no harm if they do. It is 100% safe and edible.

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